Odds Comparison

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Before understanding what an Odds comparator does, it is necessary to know what the odds mean in order to reap their benefits.

The Odds represent the probability that each bookmaker gives for a particular outcome, showing the amount that will be paid on a winning bet. When analysing various bookmakers we can see that the odds presented differ greatly and analysing the odds correctly can increase your earnings by more than 15%. This way, by comparing odds and betting on the bookmaker with the best offer, you are guaranteeing greater profits in the long term.

What is an Odds Comparator?

The name of this tool doesn’t leave much mystery about its usefulness, that of comparing various odds in search of the house with a more attractive offer.

Despite what you might assume, the competitiveness between the sportsbook bookmakers makes the prices vary a lot, especially in niche markets or in larger cakes.

The comparators generate the prices in a matrix where they present all the possible results for the event you want to analyse in several sportsbook bookmakers. These tools are also great as a time saver, especially by the speed in which the sportsbook Odds can change. You should always keep in mind that the prices presented in the odds comparators usually do not take into account the fees charged by the bookmakers, so it is important to know the bookmakers where you register.

How to use the odds comparison tool then?

The odds comparators are basically a matrix where you choose the filters to apply to obtain the desired prices. You should always start with the sport you wish to bet on and click on the event you wish to compare odds on. You can also change the odds format to the most convenient one whether they are decimal, American or fractional.

Once you have found the odds that are most interesting you will be directed to the bookmaker concerned. Visiting each bookmaker to check and compare odds would be much more time consuming, which makes these tools extremely useful. Following the time saving and to positively take advantage of the variations in prices, it is good to subscribe to several bookmakers to diversify your options.

These tools don't just work for simple bets, they are especially useful when you want to place accumulating bets of two or more selections. Once all selections are entered in your betting basket, bookmakers offering the best combined odds will be indicated. Remembering that the difference in odds for combination betting can be even greater there are some great opportunities here to exploit.

How to make money with an Odds Comparator

The sports betting market is extremely competitive and increasingly diverse which further enhances the variations of Odds that we find. In this competitiveness is normal to find variations in the order of 20% between the best and worst odds for a given result, you can double your gains in won bets to choose correctly where to put your money. Even when the difference in odds is less can translate into significant gains, even in orders of only 5%. So by studying the markets and using an odds comparator you also increase your win rate, which is reflected in more frequent wins.

Steamers and Sleepers

Sleepers are selections that are larger in a bookmaker's spread compared to the others which usually results from the slowness of change in the results presented. They are particularly popular with professional gamblers.

Steamers on the other hand are popular selections that may be overvalued but are being heavily backed that day. Following the steamers is a good way to see what the opportunities of the day are.